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A very affordable way to work with a personal trainer. Individualized workouts based on your personal goals & challenges – not a class. Multiple schedule options weekly!

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Personal Training

Working with one our trainers will change your life.


If weight loss is your goal - working with a trainer will get you there faster, safer and better prepared for success.


The results can be almost immediate - a renewed sense of well-being just by engaging with a trainer will improve your sense of self and optimism.


Your immune system is your first line of defense in today's world. Working with a personal trainer will boost your ability to stay healthy.


Building muscle and strengthening your cardiovascular health will improve your metabolism and result in your body's efficiency - inside and out.


As you work with your personal training, you will see your flexibility & balance improve which helps prevent injuries and strains.


Our personal trainers are not only there to guide and support your efforts in improved health - they are there to encourage and sustain you!



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Khino is the best of the best when it comes to changing your life. Khino’s leadership ways as a trainer teach u not to depend on his guidance but leave u with all the knowledge u will ever need.13 years ago when I first stepped into a gym, Khino witnessed me doing a squat horribly, out of personal worry about me hurting myself he helped me. Showing me form etc.., I then decided to higher him and after our 3 month contract I was hooked!13 years later weight training and overall fitness is just a way of life thanks to his leadership. This guys the real deal!Thanks again Khino! U have no idea how much u your leadership influenced meread more
Toaster Waffle Cat
04:47 23 May 22
Best personal training in Portland! Khino is an extremely friendly, knowledgeable and effective trainer.
Michelle E
00:47 04 May 22
Intimidated by gym culture? Me too! I needed help learning how to weight train and build muscle and I got lucky when I chose Portland Personal Training. It's been a life-changing experience.Khino is an approachable, patient and consistent trainer with a great sense of humor. He leads an amazing team and program. You can really feel the love at this place. The club is so welcoming and safe. The positive vibe is strong and the community is real. Training with PPT has been a balm for all that ailed me, a healing experience; mind, body and soul.I especially appreciate their intention to create a safe space for queer and non-binary folks. Not even a whiff of toxic masculinity here.So grateful to PPT for creating a custom fit for me, supporting me to reach my goals, and building skills I'll use for life. A deep and endless thank you from a very happy (and ripped, like, totally shredded) more
Dreamy Sea
00:25 28 Apr 22
I have been going to LAC for about 10 years. I have really appreciated the changes made by the new owners. The facilities have been freshened up. The energy of the staff is positive. And the clientele is more diverse. And I particularly appreciate Portland Personal Training and Weight Loss trainers. They are professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Check this place out if you want to workout at an athletic club that has good facilities at reasonable prices and is inclusive of all types of more
Margaret Lentell
00:17 04 Feb 22
Had such a great experience here! I worked with Alberto and he was so helpful and encouraging, he always made sure to ask if I had questions and helped me fix anything I felt I wasn't doing correctly. He gave me lots of tips for in the gym, as well as exercises I can do at home! Would definitely reccomend:)read more
Annie Kay
03:12 26 Jan 22
Aly has been a friend of mine for a long while now and when it came to finding someone to help me out in improving myself physically, I had nothing but 100% trust in her for my choice. She’s made every session I’ve had with her a fun experience and has worked with me in specific areas I need work on with no pressure and absolute ease. She’s very personable and patient, which definitely eased my anxiety of coming in to something new like this. She’s shown the aspects of a great personal trainer that I’ve always thought of them to have. I may come out of each session a little achy and sweaty, but at least I’m having a fun and enjoyable time doing it! Her humor and personality definitely will ease up anyone new coming in to this. Trust me, it helped me out! Thanks, more
Jordan DeCloedt (4449steam)
20:50 28 Oct 21
One of the best decisions of my life! I've always struggled with exercising and intimidated by going to the gym, fear of being judged, lack of enthusiasm and excitement. I contacted Nick and he called me the next day. I explained to him that I don't wanna get overwhelmed, pushed too hard and get bulky. He listened very carefully and answered all my questions in detail and with patience. long story short I've been going to the gym every week since then and man oh man I have been enjoying it. I am training with Derek and he's like the most humble awesome trainer I've ever seen. He's extremely knowledgeable and makes sure you're enjoying the exercise. As cheesy as it sounds I LOVE going to the gym now. There are many different options financially and you can chose the one that fit you most. The gym itself has everything you need. The showers and lockers are super clean and you don't have to rent a locker like many other places, you can borrow a lock from the front desk. There is a lounge area which is very cool and the other day I just sat there working before my exercise session, enjoying a free cup of coffee. Another option they have which I am using as well is a small group training session 3 times a week and honestly it feels the same as personal training session. They focus on your work constantly and help you through it. I like the 1-1 sessions because I would like to discuss each exercise with Derek and sometimes I'm really tired or soar, so he updates the sets accordingly. Just go to a free session, they won't force you to make your mind right away AT ALL. even after a month they ask if you want to continue or not. Hope anyone who reads this would give them and most importantly yourself a more
Maral Razmand
19:48 20 Oct 21
I have trained with Khino and have had a great experience so far. Khino is fun to work out with, always pushing me to go a little harder.I enjoyed working with him a lot.I would recommend Portland Personal Training & Weight Loss to anyone looking for personal more
Shang Ma
20:53 15 Oct 21
I’ve been training with Khino for about 4 months now, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him, Portland Personal Training and Lloyd Athletic Club.Khino has an unbelievable depth of knowledge, not only about how best to train to hit your goals but how to do it efficiently and safely.I’ve made major progress in my personal fitness journey and almost more importantly, I’m learning how to continue my progress on my own if I’m ever traveling or in a new gym.The Lloyd Athletic Club staff has been incredibly kind and motivating, and the gym is always clean and well organized. It has that community/family feeling that I don’t think you would get at a commercial fitness center.If you’re considering personal training, I would highly recommend Portland Personal Trainers, and if you’re lucky enough to work with Khino, you’ve won the trainer lottery as more
Emily Palmer
17:51 13 Jul 21
Alberto Padilla has been my trainer in 2021 .He is extremely kind, thorough, thoughtful, smart, focused and very professional .He really knows all things related to fitness, weight loss, weight training, martial arts and boxing.If there is anything that he is not familiar with he will dig in immediately to discover the solution. He never stops.Fitness is his life and he wants to bring you along.He is always there for me, just a call or text away at all times.Alberto is an all round great guy!read more
Meg Coulter
17:33 25 Jun 21
SO WORTH IT! I came to Portland in February 2021 and was in desperate need of getting back in shape and I had no motivation to do it on my own, so I looked up gyms with personal trainers and this one had the best reviews. I signed up and was paired with Aly. We met about 3 times a week. She is great with communication, she really motivates you when those reps are getting hard, and she really cares about her clients. I was in school and my schedule was always changing (thanks COVID 😕) and she was more than willing to work with me. She even gave me some great recommendations on food, shops, and sights in the area since I was new to Portland. Oh! And she also put together some workouts for me to do on my own time either at home or at the gym on days that we didn’t meet.The gym itself has tons of different equipment and is very clean and organized. There is plenty of space, although on busy days you might have to wait your turn to use something. Unfortunately I never attended any of the classes they host but they have plenty to chose from! All of the other staff that I met were very friendly as well, always greeting me when I came in and saying goodbye when I left. It may seem small but things like that make me feel like it’s my family ☺️ I wish I could continue going to this gym but unfortunately my job requires otherwise.Much love to everyone at Lloyd Athletic Club!!! And especially Aly because she really is awesome! 😉read more
Shayne Jones
03:48 25 Jun 21
Khino is a fantastic coach. He pushes for results and give great advice for making lifestyle changes. I'm losing weight and building muscle at a sustainable rate. I feel stronger and healthier every week. I highly recommend Portland Personal Training!read more
Trevor Bhattacharya
17:36 01 Apr 21
Alina is a great instructor and I really enjoy training with her as well as the results I'm already experiencing. I feel great and always look forward to the varying challenges she offers during our sessions. I've learned a lot from her as she's created, guided, and helped me develop my workouts, all the while demonstrating versatility and patience in her teaching. Her experience in competitive boxing makes it very rewarding to be learning the fundamentals of the sport from her, which I've found to not only be great cardio exercise but a great form of stress relief. Whatever you might want to achieve, I highly recommend training with more
Michael Dillon
22:34 28 Feb 21
Alina has been my trainer for a little over a month and it’s been a great experience. She has the patience and knowledge to help me achieve my fitness goals!read more
nolan rodda
23:56 04 Dec 20
I have been seeing Carlee Roe at Portland Personal Training since last August though due to traveling and then the pandemic, I didn't have access to training from January through June. Now that the gym has reopened in Phase 1, I have started back for the past few weeks. Carlee and the staff at Lloyd Athletic Club/Portland Personal Training have been following protocol for making the gym and equipment safe for us to use. The club is requiring everyone inside the building to wear masks and to sanitize their hands before beginning to work out, stairways are one direction, and all equipment is sanitized before and after working out during training. Since racquetball is not being played right now, the courts are being used by the trainers and clients so there's lots of space to be physically distanced from each other (there's just two of us in this court). There are hand sanitizing stations in various places in the building as well. The staff are making sure to count the # of people in the gym at any given time so that there's plenty of space and no chance of any crowding at all. I feel safe using the gym in this manner, and Carlee makes me work much harder than I would if I was doing this on my own, especially because sometimes, at age 65, I just want to be lazy. She's cheerful so it's hard to get mad at her for making me bust my butt 🙂read more
Judi Kloper
20:11 13 Jul 20
Khino is an amazing trainer!! He is awesome to work with!
Valerie Mazrek
01:10 09 Jul 20
Sean is a great trainer! In one of my recent appointments I stated “this wasn’t the workout neither one of us expected but it was the work out I needed.” That’s the thing, he meets you where you are to get you to your goals, and you get to have a few laughs along the way. Thanks, Sean!read more
Scott Norkoli
20:01 14 Feb 20
Carlee makes working out fun! She's motivating and encouraging during workouts. I always feel better after a workout, sore, but more
Eryn Rasher
17:04 12 Feb 20
I’ve been participating in small group training with PPT for 6 years and I can’t even imagine what kind of shape I’d be in now if it weren’t for them! I’ve recently switched from evening group to daytime group and I’m working with Carmen. She’s upbeat, knowledgeable, friendly, and always smiling! Our small group includes people of varying ages and levels of fitness. Carmen is adept at making sure each of us is working out at our optimal level. The place is welcoming and friendly, without high pressure. I can’t recommend it enough! And there’s plenty of parking since they’ve opened a second parking lot. Two thumbs up for Portland Personal Training!!read more
Christy Hopkins
16:50 10 Feb 20
I’ve worked with PPT for the last...yikes...almost ten years! I couldn’t recommend them more highly. I’ve worked out with Carlee Roe for about six months and she is fantastic. She is able to work around my schedule as well as any injuries I have. Her workouts are tough but doable and always new. She’s not a trainer that just puts things on Repeat. So, if you’re in the market for a trainer and you need someone who can actually work with your schedule, then you can't go wrong with Portland Personal Training & Weight more
Julie Ruddell
03:11 09 Feb 20
I love my experience with Portland Personal Training! I’ve been consistently going there for 2 years now and plan to keep going. The owner, Nick, I’ve trained with for a year and a half. Nick is professional, diligent, cares about his staff and clients and ensures a productive and enjoyable experience. Most recently I’ve been training with Carmen who is an absolute delight! I am always happy to see her on the mornings that I train as she has a beautiful smile and is upbeat and warm. Her skills as a trainer are terrific and she keeps things moving and also fun. I highly recommend Portland Personal training. All the trainers I’ve met are really nice people; it just has a great welcoming feel. Highly more
Edward Tonkin
16:50 08 Feb 20
Carlee has been amazing! We have been doing couples workouts and she manages to keep us both feeling challenged, energized, and motivated at the same time! She knows how to scale every exercise so we both feel confident in what we are doing. Her workouts are always unique and different.... I especially like her whole body workouts. Plus she is so fun to work with and we also really like the gym she is in!!! Would highly recommend you give her a call!read more
aaron erez
00:04 08 Feb 20
Aly from Portland Personal Training is amazing to work with!! She has made it incredibly easy to achieve my fitness goals by creating a tailored workout regimen that is simple to follow. Additionally she provides nutrition and recovery tips to further enhance what we accomplish in the gym. But most importantly she is incredibly patience and fun to work with! Thanks to her guidance I have lost 15 pounds in just 4 months. 🙂 If you are considering working with a personal trainer Aly should be your top choice!read more
Robyn Hubble
22:45 29 Jan 20
Khino is hands down the best trainer I’ve had! We’ve been working together for 2 years and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made to date. His team has always help keep me accountable and I enjoy working with all of them!read more
Phil Jasso
18:40 15 Nov 19
Carlee is an awesome personal trainer who always shows up to train with energy and enthusiasm - even freakishly early in the morning! She keeps things interesting and is great at adding variety for each workout. It's never the same boring routine! She can easily modify or offer variations with her expertise and is always punctual and more
Jennifer Pratt
21:31 29 Sep 19
I recently got back into strength training after a couple years off and Carlee Roe really made me feel confident and helped keep me motivated. She's very personable and knows her stuff. She is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable in your progress and more
Kristi Corey
20:25 26 Sep 19
I’ve worked with Carlee over the past year, and I can confidently say she is by far the most knowledgeable and understanding PT or fitness instructor I’ve ever had. She has a effortless approach at making you feel comfortable and confident, no matter your background in fitness or health. I couldn’t recommend her and all the folks she works with more
Matt Magnusson
04:32 25 Sep 19
I've been working out with Carlee Roe for about a year and she is awesome! She will work with you to meet your goals and encourage you to push yourself. She's also really great about working to find ways to modify movements to accommodate each individual. Her programming is great and never more
Christina Guida
03:31 25 Sep 19
Carlee is AMAZING! I have been working with her for the last few years. She listens to what you want, focuses on your goals and pushes you REALLY hard to accomplish them. All while making sure you are listening to your body and making sure you stay injury-free. One of my favorite things about her coaching style is that if there ever is an exercise that is too painful to do, she will always find a way to modify it, while making sure that you are still working towards your full potential. Carlee is consistent, reliable, knowledgeable and always makes sure to have fun. Book a workout class and you will not regret it!read more
Alma Morales Galicia
22:16 24 Sep 19
Carlee is the best! Every session she comes prepared with well thought out personal workouts for my needs. The workout is fun and challenging and I look forward to my next session every time!read more
Patricia Wilson
21:11 24 Sep 19
I've worked out with Carlee for two years and so much fun! She challenges me and also keeps me accountable to my fitness goals. Nothing is ever routine, she keeps it fresh and inventive. I've had a couple of soreness/sensitivity issues and she was able to easily modify and use her knowledge to help me get a great workout without hurting myself. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good workout and a fun trainer!!read more
Andrea Carpenter
04:40 24 Sep 19
I have trained with Carlee Roe and have been very impressed with her knowledge, focus and dedication to physical fitness. Carlee is fun to work out with, always pushing us to go a little farther and a little harder.I would recommend Portland Personal Training & Weight Loss to anyone looking to make positive improvements to their appearance and over-all more
Jeffry Reaume
17:28 23 Sep 19
Carlee the trainer seemed like a great fit. A very knowledgeable trainer with a lot of positive energy. She was willing to work with me through my laundry list of dietary restrictions & ALL of my MANY physical limitations. Really seemed to be rooting for me, y'know, really on my side.*****Carlee = 5 STARS*****Unfortunately, they have chosen the Lloyd Athletic Club to do their work in. The place is outdated, dirty & rundown. Barely any parking, even for someone like me, with a handicapped placard. Limited, older machines & a lack of space and weight equipment.**Lloyd Athletic Club = 2 STARS**Lastly, pricing. Yes, I get it personal training is not cheap. And we've all heard 'you get what you pay for'. But paying for this would have me eating ramen every night, & I mean that's one way to lose weight, just not the way I want to do it.**Pricing = 2 STARS**read more
Jorge Ramirez
03:31 21 Sep 19
Carlee is the accountability coach! She keeps it fun and interesting and, most importantly, challenging. She inspires you to do more and has a keen sense for knowing what your limit is and pushing you to that point, which leads to amazing results. ????????????????????‍♀️read more
Lara Larson
04:15 20 Sep 19
Trainer Carlee is an absolute delight to work out with. I have been training with her for about nine months (I followed her from another gym, even!) and not only do I feel stronger every day, I actually enjoy getting to spend time with her during my training sessions. She works with injuries and limitations without batting an eye. Her workouts are always different and always challenging, and she approaches her training with through a body positive and empowering lens. I couldn't recommend her highly more
Stacie Wolfe
23:41 19 Sep 19
Carlee Roe is able to get the best out of people during the workouts she leads. Her positivity is contagious and I always feel like I was pushed to just beyond what I think I can do. I've seen the results in my running from working out with more
Theresa Apodaca
22:19 19 Sep 19
I have been training with Carlee Roe for a couple years. She great, always on time, knowledgeable, funny and keeps me motivated and accountable. And she can really kick my butt sometimes!!read more
Rabecka L. Bourdeaux
22:16 19 Sep 19
I’ve been working with Carlee Roe over the last month and it’s been great! She knows how to push me, and is very knowledgeable. Plus she always gives me new things to try to keep it interesting!read more
Paula Williams
20:04 19 Sep 19
I had the pleasure of training with Aly at Lloyd Athletic Club for my first time in the club.Firstly, I was very impressed with the facility. It’s so spacious and has many amenities not offered at 24 where I currently go. Lots of courts for racquetball (how cool!) and plenty of space to work out even at 6pm.Aly was fantastic. I told her I wanted a lower body workout and she delivered. I was shaking 5 minutes in. She is so knowledgable that I felt the exercises were way more effective than stuff I normally do. She corrected me to make sure i was doing everything correctly. She also is so nice and so professional. She makes challenging exercises fun, even at the fourth set. I felt so accomplished, and i will definitely book another session with her!read more
Ariel Gilbert
02:27 19 Sep 19
I started training with PPT about 4 or 5 months ago with my fiance, and I could not be more impressed. I have done gym memberships before off and on again for years and had minimal results. We work with Khino for our one on one session, and attend the group sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Trainers are kind, and knowledgeable, and the prices are very reasonable. Its a great community and the other participants are not "meat heads" or grumpy gym rats, but instead every day folks looking to be fit just like us. I absolutely encourage you to give it a more
Jamaal Anthony
16:08 07 Aug 19
Portland Personal Training and Weight Loss has changed my life. When I was starting my fitness journey, I didn't know where to begin and PPT gave me the foundation to thrive. I was encouraged by my trainers, Khino and Nick, to push towards my goals and build a plan that would last me for years. They listened to my concerns and guided me through the whole process with the best service I've ever had. I would highly recommend this personal training company to anyone serious about their fitness goals and wanting a successful muscle-building weight-loss training program. PPT for life!read more
Connor Meyer
02:47 06 Jun 19
Carmen was so knowledgeable and thorough. I definitely felt the workout and noticed results. She didn't let me slack once things became easy. She always pushed me to achieve more. She's awesome!read more
Danielle Miller
23:10 28 Oct 18
I’ve been working with Sean for two months. He is an amazing trainer! He always makes sure that I perform exercises with correct form and motivates me to work toward my goals. He also gives me nutrition advice to improve my diet. I already feel much stronger and healthier than two months ago!!!read more
Varanich Chinprapinporn
05:19 23 Oct 18
Sean is super awesome. Not only is he an attentive listener who will really take the time to understand what you need to reach your fitness goals he’s also genuinely nice. On top of that he is both funny and extremely knowledgeable about exercise and diet. Give him a try!read more
Rudolph Hallin
01:42 23 Oct 18
I have been working with Lauren for over a month and she has provided excellent instruction for me to get on track toward obtaining my fitness goals. In this short time I've had more success than I originally expected, due to my previous injury history and sedentary lifestyle. I look forward to continuing my training so that I can make progress toward a healthier more
Joanne Hill
21:09 30 Sep 18
I started at 270 lbs and began a weight loss journey, only focusing on my diet. One day Nathan asked if he and I could start meeting once a week and work on a plan to start my gaining muscle journey. Something has to replace all the fat I had lost. So I began lifting a few weights, doing some body weight strength training strategies and in between, I’d run on the treadmill. One day in our weekly meeting, I do the warm ups and squats, etc and I’m told to get on the treadmill and do a 0.1 mile run. It was something small like that. I looked at him and said “ I actually like running..” He looks at me with a look of epiphany and said, “Let’s go with that then” and since then, Running has been my passion. I’m not obsessed with it but when I need a challenge, that’s my #1 focus. I do love to run! 115.00 lbs lighter, running and feeling like a whole new person. I couldn’t have done any of that without Nathans encouragement and giving me a plan. Where I’m not quite to my final goal, he has been with me through the entire journey and I really appreciate all he has done for me. I highly recommend Nathan Tyler for a personal trainer!read more
Tiffany Ward
02:42 23 Sep 18
I've had a couple personal trainers prior and I can say that this place is not your typical gym. They genuinely strive to help you reach your goals and answer all your health and fitness questions. These guys know what they are doing and love it too. You will learn so much in addition to feeling more
Lorena Casimiro
15:14 21 Sep 18
PPT helped me get in the best shape of my life. I loved the flexibility of the workouts and working with the supportive trainers. I am not a fan of working out but Nick put up with a lot of complaining from me, no problem - not a small feat!read more
Amber Arnold
19:41 12 Aug 18
I wanted to try working with a trainer to help me get back into working out, and I'm so glad I picked Portland Personal Training! Sean is an excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge on diet practices, stretches, exercises and a lot more. He was patient and helpful with my posture related back pain and really helped me get my diet back on track, he even wrote me a meal plan on my request! Having a trainer really helped me be more accountable and motivated me to show up for workouts, Sean was also really friendly and fun to talk to so that helped make an hour go by quickly and painlessly (most of the time ;). I'd recommend Sean to anyone for their personal training needs without a doubt!read more
Nikita Garg
04:55 23 Jul 18
I'm an engineering student and I was interested in getting in shape. I knew there was an efficient way to go about it, but I didn't know the first thing about personal fitness. I did some research on the web, and read up on a few things, and hard can this be? Right? Boy was I wrong. There's a complete and comprehensive science to it, and the trainers with Portland Personal Training know their business. They're body-engineers!read more
17:14 22 Jul 18
Nick worked with me in group training to help me get in shape. I was nearly 60 yrs old and lost 40 lbs (before I moved too far away to continue). The group training option saved money for me as the client. Yet - amazing individualized attention to my body’s needs, condition, and age limitations - even in the group more
Deborah Strong
17:44 18 Jul 18
Nick and Portland Personal Training are SO great to work with. Nick helped me in the process of muscle recovery from a broken bone in my foot. I had lost almost all of my muscle strength and Nick not only helped me gain it back, but got me even stronger than I had been before. His sessions and his motivation were truly a life saver during that time. He is intuitive to individual needs in training sessions and is great at pushing you to do your best and go hard. I have had other experiences with trainers in the past but after working with Nick, I wouldn't ever go to any other trainer! 10/10, would highly recommend!!read more
Gita Castallian
05:26 07 Jun 18


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