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Portland Personal Training & Weight Loss is a locally owned business with training facilities in neighborhoods throughout
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I wanted to try working with a trainer to help me get back into working out, and I'm so glad I picked Portland Personal Training! Sean is an excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge on diet practices, stretches, exercises and a lot more. He was patient and helpful with my posture related back pain and really helped me get my diet back on track, he even wrote me a meal plan on my request! Having a trainer really helped me be more accountable and motivated me to show up for workouts, Sean was also really friendly and fun to talk to so that helped make an hour go by quickly and painlessly (most of the time ;). I'd recommend Sean to anyone for their personal training needs without a doubt!read more
Nikita Garg
04:55 23 Jul 18
I'm an engineering student and I was interested in getting in shape. I knew there was an efficient way to go about it, but I didn't know the first thing about personal fitness. I did some research on the web, and read up on a few things, and hard can this be? Right? Boy was I wrong. There's a complete and comprehensive science to it, and the trainers with Portland Personal Training know their business. They're body-engineers!read more
17:14 22 Jul 18
Nick and Portland Personal Training are SO great to work with. Nick helped me in the process of muscle recovery from a broken bone in my foot. I had lost almost all of my muscle strength and Nick not only helped me gain it back, but got me even stronger than I had been before. His sessions and his motivation were truly a life saver during that time. He is intuitive to individual needs in training sessions and is great at pushing you to do your best and go hard. I have had other experiences with trainers in the past but after working with Nick, I wouldn't ever go to any other trainer! 10/10, would highly recommend!!read more
Gita Castallian
05:26 07 Jun 18
Nick worked with me in group training to help me get in shape. I was nearly 60 yrs old and lost 40 lbs (before I moved too far away to continue). The group training option saved money for me as the client. Yet - amazing individualized attention to my body’s needs, condition, and age limitations - even in the group more
Deborah Strong
17:44 18 Jul 18
PPT helped me get in the best shape of my life. I loved the flexibility of the workouts and working with the supportive trainers. I am not a fan of working out but Nick put up with a lot of complaining from me, no problem - not a small feat!read more
Amber Arnold
19:41 12 Aug 18
I started at 270 lbs and began a weight loss journey, only focusing on my diet. One day Nathan asked if he and I could start meeting once a week and work on a plan to start my gaining muscle journey. Something has to replace all the fat I had lost. So I began lifting a few weights, doing some body weight strength training strategies and in between, I’d run on the treadmill. One day in our weekly meeting, I do the warm ups and squats, etc and I’m told to get on the treadmill and do a 0.1 mile run. It was something small like that. I looked at him and said “ I actually like running..” He looks at me with a look of epiphany and said, “Let’s go with that then” and since then, Running has been my passion. I’m not obsessed with it but when I need a challenge, that’s my #1 focus. I do love to run! 115.00 lbs lighter, running and feeling like a whole new person. I couldn’t have done any of that without Nathans encouragement and giving me a plan. Where I’m not quite to my final goal, he has been with me through the entire journey and I really appreciate all he has done for me. I highly recommend Nathan Tyler for a personal trainer!read more
Tiffany Ward
02:42 23 Sep 18
I’ve been working with Sean for two months. He is an amazing trainer! He always makes sure that I perform exercises with correct form and motivates me to work toward my goals. He also gives me nutrition advice to improve my diet. I already feel much stronger and healthier than two months ago!!!read more
Varanich Chinprapinporn
05:19 23 Oct 18
Sean is super awesome. Not only is he an attentive listener who will really take the time to understand what you need to reach your fitness goals he’s also genuinely nice. On top of that he is both funny and extremely knowledgeable about exercise and diet. Give him a try!read more
Rudolph Hallin
01:42 23 Oct 18
I have been working with Lauren for over a month and she has provided excellent instruction for me to get on track toward obtaining my fitness goals. In this short time I've had more success than I originally expected, due to my previous injury history and sedentary lifestyle. I look forward to continuing my training so that I can make progress toward a healthier more
Joanne Hill
21:09 30 Sep 18
I've had a couple personal trainers prior and I can say that this place is not your typical gym. They genuinely strive to help you reach your goals and answer all your health and fitness questions. These guys know what they are doing and love it too. You will learn so much in addition to feeling more
Lorena Casimiro
15:14 21 Sep 18
Carmen was so knowledgeable and thorough. I definitely felt the workout and noticed results. She didn't let me slack once things became easy. She always pushed me to achieve more. She's awesome!read more
Danielle Miller
23:10 28 Oct 18
Portland Personal Training and Weight Loss has changed my life. When I was starting my fitness journey, I didn't know where to begin and PPT gave me the foundation to thrive. I was encouraged by my trainers, Khino and Nick, to push towards my goals and build a plan that would last me for years. They listened to my concerns and guided me through the whole process with the best service I've ever had. I would highly recommend this personal training company to anyone serious about their fitness goals and wanting a successful muscle-building weight-loss training program. PPT for life!read more
Connor Meyer
02:47 06 Jun 19
I started training with PPT about 4 or 5 months ago with my fiance, and I could not be more impressed. I have done gym memberships before off and on again for years and had minimal results. We work with Khino for our one on one session, and attend the group sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Trainers are kind, and knowledgeable, and the prices are very reasonable. Its a great community and the other participants are not "meat heads" or grumpy gym rats, but instead every day folks looking to be fit just like us. I absolutely encourage you to give it a more
Jamaal Anthony
16:08 07 Aug 19

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