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One-on-One & Small Group Personal Training in Portland Oregon

Workout at the best gym in Portland! We offer amazing One-on-One and Small Group Personal Training for the everyday person! Achieve the results you want today!


No Rish, No High-Pressure Sales. Just come in and workout for an hour with one of our excellent trainers. No Commitment – Totally Free. 

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A very affordable way to work with a personal trainer. Individualized workouts based on your personal goals & challenges – not a class. 

Heart of Portland - Great Location

Located in Historic Lloyd District, we have free parking in our parking lot as well as free parking in the Lloyd Mall just across the street.

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Our Reviews

Phil is awesome! I had 12 sessions with Phil, and coming in for training to supplement martial arts it was great to work with someone who has an extensive background in multiple disciplines. Phil is very knowledgeable, understanding and accommodating of different needs, and very open to try out different exercises and really play in the gym. If you're looking for a dynamic workout with an emphasis on holistic physical growth this is the place to go
So appreciative of the environment for growth that Khino cultivates with PPT.

As someone not familiar with gyms or fitness at all but looking to make a lifestyle change that incorporated more activity and resulted in increased strength and mobility, it was intimidating to start but the process, but from the moment training began it has been educational, welcoming and fun.

I’d definitely recommend working with Khino to achieve your personal fitness goals. Lots of flexible approaches for any schedule and budgets, a great motivational presence, and a boundless amount of fitness knowledge (plus he’s always ready with an appropriate sitcom quote for any scenario). I’ve loved my experience.
I highly recommend. I have been working out with Khino for a few months and have had an incredible experience. He tailors my workouts perfectly for my ability.
Great experience. Khino is an incredible trainer. He really tailors my workouts to my ability.
Khino is the best of the best when it comes to changing your life. Khino’s leadership ways as a trainer teach u not to depend on his guidance but leave u with all the knowledge u will ever need.13 years ago when I first stepped into a gym, Khino witnessed me doing a squat horribly, out of personal worry about me hurting myself he helped me. Showing me form etc.., I then decided to higher him and after our 3 month contract I was hooked!13 years later weight training and overall fitness is just a way of life thanks to his leadership. This guys the real deal!Thanks again Khino! U have no idea how much u your leadership influenced me
Best personal training in Portland! Khino is an extremely friendly, knowledgeable and effective trainer.
Intimidated by gym culture? Me too! I needed help learning how to weight train and build muscle and I got lucky when I chose Portland Personal Training. It's been a life-changing experience.Khino is an approachable, patient and consistent trainer with a great sense of humor. He leads an amazing team and program. You can really feel the love at this place. The club is so welcoming and safe. The positive vibe is strong and the community is real. Training with PPT has been a balm for all that ailed me, a healing experience; mind, body and soul.I especially appreciate their intention to create a safe space for queer and non-binary folks. Not even a whiff of toxic masculinity here.So grateful to PPT for creating a custom fit for me, supporting me to reach my goals, and building skills I'll use for life. A deep and endless thank you from a very happy (and ripped, like, totally shredded) customer.
I have been going to LAC for about 10 years. I have really appreciated the changes made by the new owners. The facilities have been freshened up. The energy of the staff is positive. And the clientele is more diverse. And I particularly appreciate Portland Personal Training and Weight Loss trainers. They are professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. Check this place out if you want to workout at an athletic club that has good facilities at reasonable prices and is inclusive of all types of people.
Had such a great experience here! I worked with Alberto and he was so helpful and encouraging, he always made sure to ask if I had questions and helped me fix anything I felt I wasn't doing correctly. He gave me lots of tips for in the gym, as well as exercises I can do at home! Would definitely reccomend:)
Aly has been a friend of mine for a long while now and when it came to finding someone to help me out in improving myself physically, I had nothing but 100% trust in her for my choice. She’s made every session I’ve had with her a fun experience and has worked with me in specific areas I need work on with no pressure and absolute ease. She’s very personable and patient, which definitely eased my anxiety of coming in to something new like this. She’s shown the aspects of a great personal trainer that I’ve always thought of them to have. I may come out of each session a little achy and sweaty, but at least I’m having a fun and enjoyable time doing it! Her humor and personality definitely will ease up anyone new coming in to this. Trust me, it helped me out! Thanks, Aly.
One of the best decisions of my life! I've always struggled with exercising and intimidated by going to the gym, fear of being judged, lack of enthusiasm and excitement. I contacted Nick and he called me the next day. I explained to him that I don't wanna get overwhelmed, pushed too hard and get bulky. He listened very carefully and answered all my questions in detail and with patience. long story short I've been going to the gym every week since then and man oh man I have been enjoying it. I am training with Derek and he's like the most humble awesome trainer I've ever seen. He's extremely knowledgeable and makes sure you're enjoying the exercise. As cheesy as it sounds I LOVE going to the gym now. There are many different options financially and you can chose the one that fit you most. The gym itself has everything you need. The showers and lockers are super clean and you don't have to rent a locker like many other places, you can borrow a lock from the front desk. There is a lounge area which is very cool and the other day I just sat there working before my exercise session, enjoying a free cup of coffee. Another option they have which I am using as well is a small group training session 3 times a week and honestly it feels the same as personal training session. They focus on your work constantly and help you through it. I like the 1-1 sessions because I would like to discuss each exercise with Derek and sometimes I'm really tired or soar, so he updates the sets accordingly. Just go to a free session, they won't force you to make your mind right away AT ALL. even after a month they ask if you want to continue or not. Hope anyone who reads this would give them and most importantly yourself a chance.


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    If weight loss is your goal - working with a trainer will get you there faster, safer and better prepared for success.


    Your immune system is your first line of defense in today's world. Working with a personal trainer will boost your ability to stay healthy.


    As you work with your personal training, you will see your flexibility & balance improve which helps prevent injuries and strains.


    The results can be almost immediate - a renewed sense of well-being just by engaging with a trainer will improve your sense of self and optimism.


    Building muscle and strengthening your cardiovascular health will improve your metabolism and result in your body's efficiency - inside and out.


    Our personal trainers are not only there to guide and support your efforts in improved health - they are there to encourage and sustain you!