Portland Personal Training & Weight Loss

Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Have you ever worked out and eaten healthy but not seen results?  SO FRUSTRATING!

You’re not alone. Whether you’re trying to gain muscle or lose fat, it’s really difficult to find a program that will work for your body, and even harder to tailor that program to your body as it begins to change.

Your body is a complex, dynamic system and that’s why transforming it is such a battle. If you’re not equipped with the right information and experience to design and update a program that accounts for your age, gender, history and evolving level of fitness, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Please don’t get down on yourself if you’ve failed to meet fitness goals in the past. Simply recognize that you need to give yourself a break and accept professional guidance and support to implement, achieve and maintain the healthy lifestyle you want.

Making the decision to change your lifestyle is the hardest part BUT IT CAN HAPPEN IN AN INSTANT. Once you’ve done that, we can work together to change your body once and for all.