What’s on your Feet?

Last week we shared a story on Facebook about how fewer women were buying high heels. Many people had comments about this so we thought we’d follow it up with some interesting articles about what’s healthy and what’s not for our feet!

High heels are the worst, and women are finally ditching them

Across the country, women are trading in their high-heeled stilettos for sneakers and ballet flats. Workplaces are becoming more casual, and it is increasingly acceptable to wear sneakers to dinner. But analysts say there are other changes afoot, too: More Americans are working from home, and those who do go into the office are more often walking to work. (In Washington, for example, 14 percent of residents now commute by foot, up from 12 percent in 2012, according to census data.) Fitness trackers like the Fitbit have also made people more aware of how much they are — or should be — moving.






WebMD: Worst shoes for your feet

From flip flops to ballet flats, there’s a lot that goes into a decent pair of shoes. This WebMD article addresses some of the common culprits of feet pain. In the photo above are a sensible flip flop, a practical heel height (under 2″!) and insoles that will save your feet in flats.


Going Barefoot? Hold on a minute!

It took 4 million years of evolution to perfect the foot, and humans have been wrecking that perfection with every step since they first donned shoes, New York magazine’s Adam Sternbergh says.


“Everyone who wears shoes walks wrong,” he says, echoing the headline of his recent article, “You Walk Wrong.”


Sternbergh calls the ubiquity of footwear a “conspiracy of idiocy.” He points out the probability that at no point did any shoemaker say, “Let’s design something that works with your foot.” In the Middle Ages, for example, people began wearing shoes with higher heels to avoid stepping in other people’s excrement. Today, high heels are considered sexy. Whatever their reasons for wearing the shoes they wear, people don’t usually consider whether a shoe actually works with their foot, he says.




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