There are many different price options for our programs. We pride ourselves on offering affordable Personal Training for everyday people. Our prices are based on what type of program you choose, how many times you meet with your Trainer, and how long of a term you choose to complete your sessions. Our One on One Personal Training prices range from $39-$69 per session and or Small Group Personal Training ranges from $15-$25 per session. We recommend that you take advantage of our Free Session and we will sit down with you and show you all your options. We will never pressure anyone to get involved (we hate that too) and we can cater any program to fit your needs and budget.
We hear this a lot and we don’t mind you asking. The truth is that people with this theory just do not see long term results. Our main goal in working with clients is to teach you how to manage all the aspects of your health and fitness yourself. This is hard stuff. If it was easy then no one would need a little help. Our clients that make a commitment to sticking with a program, learning how to manage their own fitness, overcoming plateaus and challenges that arise, and developing a completely healthy lifestyle achieve the most significant results and also have the best chance of those results being permanent.

One on One Personal Training sessions are typically 60 or 30 minutes. Small Group Personal Training workouts are typically about an hour long but we have “open group workout” times and clients can come anytime during that time range and complete the individualized workouts at the pace they choose (although the Trainer reserves the right to keep you moving and sweating:)

Note: Our Trainers always take the time necessary to give you a complete workout and program. Once you are a client we will help you manage 7 days a week of what you should be doing for exercise, eating to achieve results, and be as active as possible. Your Trainer is available via phone/text/email 7 days per week and will spend as much time as necessary managing your program as it takes for you to get measurable results. This is one of the main factors that separates our company from other Personal Trainers.

No! We prefer to work with clients out of full service health clubs because it offers our Trainers and their clients many many more exercise and cardio/class options. They also offer the option to shower or hit the hot tub, sauna, or steam room after a workout. Personal Trainers at training studios are significantly limited in the number of various exercises and workouts they can offer. We lease space from these health clubs to be able to work with our clients. If any of our clients would like the option to workout at the health club on their own they offer a discounted rate of $30 per month with no contract or joining fees. You may continue this membership after completing your program with PPT if you choose or cancel at any time.
There are so many different factors in losing bodyfat that it can be exhausting and frustrating. When we are younger we can just exercise and we will usually see results. As we get a little older it becomes harder and harder and we just need to be smarter about how we approach our health and fitness. We will work with you to find the best lifestyle, eating style, and exercise frequency to help you achieve and maintain results. Our goal is to turn you into your own Personal Trainer. No one will ever care about your health as much as you and no one will be with you forever except you. Don’t worry if you are seriously overweight, out of shape, young, or older. Your program will be completely appropriate for wherever you are at. Our weight loss clients typically lose 1-3 pounds of bodyfat per week. We can also work on multiple goals at the same time. We can help you lose some bodyfat, tone your muscle, and improve your flexibility at the same time.
Yes! You should definitely be doing resistance training in your weight loss program. We call it resistance training rather than lifting weights because there are many different forms of resistance training (one of which is lifting free weights). You can do bodyweight-functional exercises, resistance bands, weight machines, pilates, yoga, plyometric exercises. All of these are forms of resistance training. Resistance training is very important because it increases and helps maintain metabolism. It also helps you have nice toned muscles to have the look you like for when you lose bodyfat.



Do you struggle with staying consistent?
Would accountability help you achieve results?
If you want the best results in as little time as possible…
One-on-One is RIGHT FOR YOU.



A very affordable way to work with a personal trainer. Individualized workouts based on your personal goals & challenges – not a class. Multiple schedule options weekly!