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Featured exercise: Bicep Curls for muscular toned arms or big bulging biceps.

There are many effective ways to develop the biceps.

As seen in this video, biceps can be toned and developed using a barbell, ez bar, or dumbbells.  You can also use cables, bands, machines, and functional body-weight exercises to create great looking arms as well but we focus here on the first 3 methods.  Try not to limit yourself.  Diversity is the key.  Don’t worry about bulking up if you don’t want to.  Your reps and weight amount will determine if you add size or lengthen and tone your muscles.

Starting with light weight and proper form is best if you want arms like these. Bicep curls require proper form, great posture, and mindful intent from start and finish. Failure to go all the way up and all the way down (or full range of motion) can diminish the development of biceps.

Barbell curls develop not only the biceps, but forearms as well. Starting with light weights and proper form is always best.  Make sure to always go “by feel”.  Make small adjustments in your form and posture to really feel the squeeze in the biceps!


An Ez-bar puts less focus on forearms than the barbell, allowing for more weight to be curled.  Perform Ez-bar curls both seated (preacher curls) and standing.  Adjust your grip (narrow or wider) to hit the biceps in different areas.

Dumbbell curls are not only great for developing beautiful toned biceps, but even better for building equal strength in both biceps since arms are working independently from one another.
If you’re wondering, yes you can use cables and bands in exchange if you don’t have featured equipment.

Give these exercises a shot and feel free to hit me up with any questions!  

Master the basic Bicep Exercises and then progress to more diversity.

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– Khino Brackeen, Head Trainer


Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

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