Beaverton/Hillsboro Personal Training & Weight Loss

Working with us, you get to see results quickly and learn how to adjust your 'out of gym' life so that what you do with us onsite - really makes a difference in how you LOOK & FEEL overall.

Come meet our trainers and tour the facility - we offer a FREE, no pressure onsite consultation to any new visitor. Simply call or text:  503.403.9040


One on One Personal Training in Beaverton & Hillsboro

One Client + One Trainer = 30 - 55 minutes

Personal Training PortlandRight now, we offer One-on-one personal training in two locations in the Beaverton - Hillsboro neighborhoods. These private workout sessions with your trainer are truly one-on-one, focused on ensuring your technique, strategy and session intensity stay at the optimum level.

Pricing: $39-69 per session or $479 - $559 per month for up to 3 sessions per week, depending on the number of training sessions you choose.

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    One on One training offers the highest level of personal attention and accountability with personalized fitness and nutrition education and guidance.


    One on One training appointments are offered in a large variety of times. If you need flexibility - One-on-One will be the best fit for you.




*Available every day except Sundays.