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Lorena Casimiro
15:14 21 Sep 18
I've had a couple personal trainers prior and I can say that this place is not your typical gym. They genuinely strive to help you reach your goals and answer all your health and fitness questions. These guys know what they are doing and love it too. You will learn so much in addition to feeling more
Nick C
03:12 21 Sep 18
I've had a super experience with Portland Personal Training. Nathan is an excellent trainer, who's helped me to massively improve my overall strength and fitness in a short space of time through a variety of workout routines which have revitalised my enthusiasm for more
Jillian Job
02:12 21 Sep 18
Nathan is a fantastic personal trainer! He really works one on one with you to reach your goals and I never once felt like he pushed me too hard....just enough to make me really focus and get where I needed to be. He made workouts incredibly fun and something I looked forward to!read more
Amber Arnold
19:41 12 Aug 18
PPT helped me get in the best shape of my life. I loved the flexibility of the workouts and working with the supportive trainers. I am not a fan of working out but Nick put up with a lot of complaining from me, no problem - not a small feat!read more
sharon botchway
03:23 02 Aug 18
i have been so happy with PPT. started almost 3 months ago. i feel nick and all the trainers were very understanding to my personal situation and supportive in a nice, non intrusive way. The workouts are always just right as they adapt my needs to the exercises they tell me to do. I love it that there's no judgement. the other group member have been surprisingly fun and supportive as well. Old people out of shape and young folks in incredible shape. all are welcome and supportive of your goals. I've a huge advocate. I love going to classes and am feeling great. highly recommended. do it!!!!read more
Nikita Garg
04:55 23 Jul 18
I wanted to try working with a trainer to help me get back into working out, and I'm so glad I picked Portland Personal Training! Sean is an excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge on diet practices, stretches, exercises and a lot more. He was patient and helpful with my posture related back pain and really helped me get my diet back on track, he even wrote me a meal plan on my request! Having a trainer really helped me be more accountable and motivated me to show up for workouts, Sean was also really friendly and fun to talk to so that helped make an hour go by quickly and painlessly (most of the time ;). I'd recommend Sean to anyone for their personal training needs without a doubt!read more
17:14 22 Jul 18
I'm an engineering student and I was interested in getting in shape. I knew there was an efficient way to go about it, but I didn't know the first thing about personal fitness. I did some research on the web, and read up on a few things, and hard can this be? Right? Boy was I wrong. There's a complete and comprehensive science to it, and the trainers with Portland Personal Training know their business. They're body-engineers!read more
Michelle Degnin
16:41 22 Jul 18
I've been going to PPT for about 2 years and don't regret it. I've felt a dramatic increase in my cardiovascular health and simply feel better. The trainers are knowledgeable and friendly. I have always been nervous about going to a gym and using a trainer, but an auto immune disease forced me to finally make a move. I have been very happy with my experiences with every trainer I've worked with! I'm glad I started going and have learned a lot about health and how yo work more
Deborah Strong
17:44 18 Jul 18
Nick worked with me in group training to help me get in shape. I was nearly 60 yrs old and lost 40 lbs (before I moved too far away to continue). The group training option saved money for me as the client. Yet - amazing individualized attention to my body’s needs, condition, and age limitations - even in the group more
Kris Halbersleben
16:49 18 Jul 18
Nick, Khino, and everyone at PPT are the best! I've been training with Nick since 2016 and I've never felt stronger or healthier. I greatly appreciate Nick's communication style as well as his support and understanding of life and situations. Great group of folks to train more
Tabitha Jenner3eqqmxl,x D D X
22:05 16 Jul 18
I’m a new client and have been extremely impressed with the positive support and motivation! I’m already seeing progress and feeling so much better! Yay!read more
Susan Moray
19:48 23 Jun 18
I'm super picky about trainers so I observed Khino for a few months and tapped him to help me get conditioned for a 2 week hiking trip of Mt. Blanc. He is very professional and knowledgeable as well as fun to work out with. Mixing it up between using my own body weight, TRX and weights as well as my adding cardio, he pushed me much more than I would have pushed myself and the results are some muscle building, stamina and weight loss. I highly recommend Khino for all of your fitness more
Gita Castallian
05:26 07 Jun 18
Nick and Portland Personal Training are SO great to work with. Nick helped me in the process of muscle recovery from a broken bone in my foot. I had lost almost all of my muscle strength and Nick not only helped me gain it back, but got me even stronger than I had been before. His sessions and his motivation were truly a life saver during that time. He is intuitive to individual needs in training sessions and is great at pushing you to do your best and go hard. I have had other experiences with trainers in the past but after working with Nick, I wouldn't ever go to any other trainer! 10/10, would highly recommend!!read more
Shelby Mason
23:43 04 Jun 18
So glad I discovered PPT! Nick was super accommodating from the beginning and got me right in for my initial evaluation. I’ve been working out with Khino for the past 4 months and he has been great! Khino has been super supportive. He’s helped me make changes to my diet and transition to working out 6 days a week. He hasn’t been overbearing or judging of me in anyway, which is awesome. I’ve lost 16lbs, gained a lot of muscle, and worked out in ways I never thought possible. Thank you PPT!read more
Amy Petrone
15:52 04 Jun 18
PPT has played such an integral role in my journey to health over the past few months. After losing weight on my own with diet and mainly cardio, I wanted to build muscle and incorporate strength training. I was nervous about joining a health facility because past experiences left me intimidated by the equipment and super uncomfortable in a typical gym environment. But PPT has the most welcoming team of knowledgeable trainers. Working with Carmen specifically has been such a fantastic experience. I’ve seen my body composition change significantly and a decrease in body fat in only three months. I’m looking forward to seeing more progress with our continued efforts. The entire staff is friendly and really take the time to listen and tailor workouts to ones’ specific needs. Such a unique community here. They truly care 🙂read more
Iona Musgnung
05:07 06 Feb 18
There is fitness and then there is whole-body health. Nick isn't your usual personal trainer, he wants you to achieve your fitness goals, but also doesn't want to push you into routines that don't work for you. He helps you figure out what will work for your unique body, limitations, and goals. His knowledge about healthy eating, the mechanics of body movement, lasting weight-loss, and the emotional challenges of starting and upholding a fitness journey is endless. The best part is, he's just there to guide you as your start learning for yourself. I've got some strange body limitations that have kept me from being active my whole life. It turned into a cycle of feeling like I never could be that person who goes to the gym. Nick helped to prove me wrong! I've transformed my fitness game in one of the most busy, stressful times of my life with his guidance. I've made incredible strides, am getting insanely strong, have lost a TON of weight (cheers to those next goals we have in sight!), made the gym a place where I get to check out of the world and into myself, and found a way to have fun while doing it! I cannot recommend Nick and Portland Personal Training enough! If you are looking for a trainer that isn't going to judge you and isn't going to fit you into a small box of what "should" work, sign up for the free evaluation session. I felt so comfortable and supported in that first session that it made it easy to see why so many people rave about this team!read more
Elizabeth Schmied
00:19 27 Jan 18
I can't say enough great things about Nick and Portland Personal Training. I'd assumed that we would just work on improving my fitness level, but Nick really worked with me to create a program that took into account my everyday life -- food selections, sleep, stress, etc. Nick is a great person who genuinely cares about his clients, and I've been very fortunate to train with him. (We also got my treadmill pace up, which has been awesome!) Highly recommend these guys. It's the best thing I've ever done for more
20:23 17 Jan 18
This review is for Nick who is not only a kickass trainer but also a gem of person. His amazingly positive attitude and daily reviews of my meal plans made me stick to my goals. Gym training is really fun with him, making sure that I work hard for both weight training and cardio. But he also planned lighter days to help recover the body whenever need be. I reached my goals that I had set for myself for weight and inch loss, and in the process of training with him, I definitely felt stronger, with improved stamina and focus. He understands the science behind physical training and food and he definitely knows what he is talking about! Cheers to his super motivating personality! Thank you!read more
Jennifer Dawson
19:58 24 Oct 17
Going to the gym is generally at the bottom of things I enjoy doing. I have never been particularly sporty or athletic. However, I was starting to get out of shape and really wanted to make healthier choices, so I signed up with personal trainer Sean O’Neill through Portland Personal Training and Weight Loss. It was more money than I wanted to spend as a single mom, but it has definitely been a worthy investment. In three months I lost almost all of the weight I wanted to lose in total, and am staying on track to achieve my other fitness goals. It’s very hard for me to be self disciplined about working out, but to have to show up and be accountable to someone, that’s what does it for me, so this was a good fit. Sean is an excellent trainer. He is incredibly patient, and works really hard for his clients, researching and expanding his practice according to the needs of each. His workouts are never boring or routine. He always keeps things interesting, focusing on all areas of the body, and incorporates a variety of techniques using a holistic approach. He also seems to know exactly where I’m at during each session and adjusts accordingly. He’s great at pushing me to challenge myself, but not so much that I want to give up and throw in the towel. I have been extremely pleased with the value I have received out of my workouts, and would highly recommend Sean’s services. I just signed up for another three more
Alex Berres
04:09 09 Jul 17
This was the first time I have pursued personal training, and the experience has been exactly what I hoped for. I needed some more consistency in workouts, needed some accountability, and hoped to learn more about weight lifting. I've always been into running, and not been excited about weight lifting, so I was excited that Nick tailored the workouts to my desires, while still exposing me to aspects of weightlifting I was missing. Nick is an all around great guy, and very easy going, and I found his personality and training style to be really great, and supportive of my goals. I had the opportunity to train with the other trainers in this group also, and had great experiences with all of them. I would highly recommend Portland Personal Training for anyone looking for personal training!read more
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