Fall is the hardest season to not gain weight!

(Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving Dinner(s), Pumpkin Pie, X-mas Cookies OH MY!)

Let's kick this fall off by losing some weight instead and getting healthier!

  1. GETTING STARTED - Kickoff meeting on Saturday, Oct. 21st at 3pm at Lloyd Athletic Club. The Challenge ends Sunday, Nov. 19th! If these dates don't work exactly for you - no worries - join us anyway and take advantage of our online tools.
  2. TOOLS TO SUCCEED - You will get emails with recipes, insights, tips, encouragement, suggested workouts and Social Media Communities and Posts to support you!
  3. THE FINISH LINE - Healthier, lighter, feeling better, sleeping better, more energy, better digestion, improved mood, and 30 days of consistency to power you forward! (Not to mention a $40 HydroFlask water bottle, awards, and prizes!)


  1. It starts with making the decision to commit to yourself for 30 days.  Once you make that decision then you can pick a start date. We are starting on Saturday, Oct. 21st at a kickoff meeting at Lloyd Athletic Club and ending Sunday, Nov. 19th! But if by adjusting it by a few days will help you succeed then we are all for it.  So you make the decision to just do it and you pick the 30 days.  Sign up on our website or at the front desk at any of our 3 locations.
  2. You will decide which type of eating plan is best for you!.  Make it hardcore, It’s only 30 days.  There will be lots of options.  The key is for you to set your own goals.  We are recommending an elimination type diet which is a diet that restricts certain types of foods and encourages people to think about what the can have rather than what the can’t have.  Multiple options will be offered and we can recommend which type we think would be best for you based on your eating habits, lifestyle, and our experience with hundreds (if not thousands) of clients.
  3. We will take your starting measurements (Weight, Body-fat %, Body-fat weight in pounds, and Lean Body Mass in pounds) or you can take them yourself.  We will provide a tracker for you to log your starting and final numbers, your goals, and your plan to succeed.  We want successes here so let’s make it realistic!


Remember – participation level is completely up to you but we will be providing:

  1. Shopping lists, recipe ideas, and lists of foods/situations you should avoid.
  2. Bi-Weekly emails and/or texts with recipes, motivational tips, strategies to succeed, and some stories from other people in the group about their challenges and successes.
  3. Social Media Groups and Pages (Facebook, Instagram, Meetup.com, Pinterest, and Twitter) with insights, links, and videos and to help you succeed.
  4. At least one “Group Cook” off at a local professional kitchen to explore recipe and food ideas and swap portions and prepared meals.
  5. Exercise advice and discussions.  A Free Session of Personal Training is available to any participant if you would like some help getting started. Workout tips will be provided throughout the entire 30 days.


Re-Weigh/Body-Fat after 30 days! Awards and Prizes will be provided.  Compare progress, share what we have learned about our health and fitness and celebrate completion of our 30 day Challenge!

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