Trying to Lose Weight? Do These 3 Things Instead

Weight Loss, trying vs. doing

Have you ever wanted to lose 20 pounds and then, just a few minutes later, wanted to eat a candy bar? If you’re like us, you eat the candy bar and then feel bad about yourself because you were trying to lose weight. And, of course, you repeat this cycle—probably on a daily basis.

Because you’re a failure at dieting (but a raging success at being hard on yourself), you’re never really surprised when you try and subsequently fail to drop the pounds, right?

This mindf–k is exactly why we have to change our thoughts before we can successfully change our bodies. Instead of trying to lose weight, do these three things:

Commit to Your Weight Loss Goal

What does saying you’re trying to lose weight really mean, anyways? Here’s a hint: nothing. Think about it: You can only do or not do something—there’s nothing inbetween. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Stop trying to lose weight and commit to your weight loss goal instead. Eliminate “try” from your vocabulary and verbalize your weight loss goal as something you will achieve.

Set the Bar Higher for Yourself

So, what’s the point of saying you’ll try losing weight if it’s meaningless? Oh, there’s a point alright. Words are powerful, and you use the word “try” when you don’t really believe you can succeed—it’s an excuse for when you fail. Don’t limit your potential by trying to lose weight. Expect more from yourself: Push past the fear that keeps you in your comfort zone by vocalizing belief in your own ability to change.

Decide to Succeed

Trying to lose weight opens the door to failure because you begin the process already doubting your ability to achieve your goal. When you decide to succeed, failure is not an option because, as a doer, you know that accomplishing anything great begins with overcoming obstacles. Embrace the work.

Have you decided to accomplish your weight loss goal? We’ve got four more suggestions that will help you succeed.

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