Real Strategies to Eat Real Food

Real strategies to eat real food

Why is it so much easier to eat crap than real food? If you’re like us, you’re on the go 24/7/365 and you’re a victim of your environment. If only the convenience stores, restaurants and grocers would make it easier and simply stock real food options, you’d eat more healthy.


Back up. Eating real food is about making real change by real choice.  It doesn’t happen by accident or on impulse. We know it’s not easy—the siren’s call of chocolate chip cookies is hard to resist—but here are some suggestions to make eating real food, well, real easy.

Establish a Crap-Free Zone

The world is full of crap-food indulgences that can bring your real food diet crashing to its knees. Your home should be your safe space. Establish a crap-free zone: Stock your kitchen with real food. And please, toss that emergency can of chocolate frosting hidden in the fridge—or whatever else you’re hiding and wherever it’s located. If it’s there, you know you’ll eat it. Leave no crap behind.

Avoid Temptation AISLEland

Have you noticed that the grocery store is designed to help you make poor choices? Processed food is not only hard on your body, it’s hard on your wallet, and grocers put the most tempting choices at eye level throughout most of the store. A good rule of thumb when shopping (aside from not shopping when hungry) is to avoid the aisles and shop the perimeter of the store where you’ll find produce, dairy and meat. Temptation AISLEland is usually the center of the store so don’t even go there.

Pack Binge-Worthy Snacks

Snack attacks are a reality. Rather than try to gut them out and ignore them, cut your craving with binge-worthy snacks like toasted almonds, apples and almond butter, or cottage cheese and fresh, seasonal fruit. If those don’t satisfy your hunger then you’re not really hungry for food—yup, those hunger pangs are less about what you’re eating and more about what’s eating you.

Take Time for YOU

Cooking real food does take more time than ordering a Big Mac, but you are worth every second of that time investment: Spend an afternoon prepping and bagging veggie snacks, making a pot of soup you can eat for the week or grilling chicken for a week’s worth of salads. Then, you’re prepared to meet whatever the week will throw at you.

Do you have any strategies to eat real food instead of crap? Dish in the comment section below.

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