Small Group Training

Small group training consists of workout sessions designed by your trainer that you do with a small group of people. Because the group is limited to 10 or fewer attendees you will still receive the personal attention you need to succeed.

3 Common Misconceptions

  • You must be social: This isn’t a book club! You’re working out on your own in a group setting. No interaction is required but it can happen—our clients are great people!
  • You have to be fit: Group exercise doesn’t mean competitive exercise and it’s definitely not a fashion show. It’s simply a scheduled time when everyday people get real about fitness.
  • You are responsible to maintain group size: Unlike many small group training classes, you’re not responsible for maintaining the size of the group. Your only worry is working out.

Is It Right for You?

Small group training is an ideal program if you:

  • Are self-motivated and can hold yourself accountable to meet your fitness goals
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Like varied workout routines that you don’t have to create
  • Want to learn more about exercise and nutrition while integrating it into your life
  • Are disciplined enough to follow a diet and exercise plan
  • Have a strong support system

Benefits of Small Group Training

  • Personal attention in a group setting
  • Camaraderie and accountability
  • Fitness and nutrition education
  • Multiple class options
  • About half the cost of one-on-one personal training


$19-29 per session or $159-229 per month, depending on the number of training sessions you choose.