At-Home Personal Training

At-home personal training is just like one-on-one personal training, except it’s done in your home. We bring the workout and gear to you!

Is It Right for You?

At-home personal training is an ideal program if you:

  • Are injured and sidelined from the gym and your normal workout routine
  • Desire a private workout setting
  • Struggle with motivation and require someone else to hold you accountable to achieve your fitness goals
  • Want the best results in as little time as possible
  • Have a tendency to slack off in self-guided workouts or need to be pushed to excel
  • Don’t have a strong support system and need or want consistent encouragement and feedback
  • Have a busy schedule and don’t have time to plan your meals or workouts
  • Desire a varied workout routine designed to meet your specific goals
  • Want to learn about exercise and nutrition while integrating them into your lifestyle

Benefits of At-Home Personal Training

  • Highest level of personal attention
  • Highest level of accountability
  • Highest level of fitness and nutrition education
  • Most private and comfortable setting
  • Most flexible schedule options
  • Seven day program planning and management
  • Meal planning based on what you like to eat
  • No planning required on your part because the planning will be done for you


$79-129 per session, depending on the number of training sessions you choose; monthly plan pricing on request.