Sign up for your Free Session Personal Training

You might be surprised to learn that the key thing we do in your free personal training session isn’t working out—it’s listening. Personal Training is about developing a program based on a client’s goals, lifestyle, budget, and timeframe.  We understand that IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! We never take a “one size fits all” approach.

The only thing more difficult than living with weight-related issues is talking about this highly emotional topic or walking into an unfamiliar environment. We understand because we deal with these issues on a daily basis and we help our clients face a variety of challenging, emotionally charged issues everyday. Don’t worry….it gets so much easier.

There is no shame—only sensitivity, hope, encouragement and optimism: the things you’ll need to achieve your fitness goals and claim the body, health and life you deserve.

What to Expect During Your Free Session

  • We talk about your goals, lifestyle (work, family, etc.), injuries, challenges and potential obstacles to your success
  • We take a look at what has and has not worked for you in the past
  • We give you an idea of the time frame you can expect to achieve your goal, if you follow our recommendations
  • We check your weight and body fat percentage (if you are comfortable with that)
  • We do a light workout to gauge your fitness level
  • After learning about your life, activity level, work and time commitments, fitness level, eating habits, budget, and most importantly, your level of commitment, we’re able to give you a clear idea of what an effective program will look like and even provide details of your health and fitness plan
  • We go over all pricing options and answer any questions to make sure a program fits your goals and your budget before you sign up.