6 Ways Taking A Walk Will Improve Your Life

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Do you clutter your life with the latest gear, gadgets, diets and workouts because you desperately want to be thinner, younger, more attractive, etc.? If you’re like us, you bypass simple but effective exercise basics and buy into the hype of the latest fitness craze because the sizzle is always sexier than the steak.

Meeting your fitness goals doesn’t have to be so complicated. In fact, walking—the most simple, low-impact and cost-effective exercise there is—yields six surprising benefits that will improve not only your health but also your quality of life.

Boosts Creativity

Need to get your creative juices flowing? A recent study by Stanford researchers concludes that a brief stroll, even on a treadmill, will significantly boost your brain power.

Promotes Aging Well

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that “walking significantly reduces the chance that a frail older person will become disabled.”

Deepens Connections

A walk is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your friends or loved ones. Connecting in real life always trumps an invitation to connect on Facebook.

Creates Awareness of Surroundings

A stroll through your neighborhood will help you discover new businesses, meet your neighbors and notice other important changes in your community.

Improves Sleep

A poll conducted in 2013 by the National Sleep Foundation reveals that “If you are inactive, adding a 10-minute walk every day could improve your likelihood of a good night’s sleep.”

Lightens Mood

Whether you’re prone to depression or just need to shake a dark mood, researchers reveal that walking will help improve your mood because it releases endorphins to the body.

It’s incredible that something so simple can be so beneficial but if you’re still reading this, it probably means you’re still sitting down. We just told you to go take a walk—now do it!

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