5 Ways Resistance Training Gives Women Killer Bodies

5 ways resistance training gives women killer bodies

What woman doesn’t want a killer body? If you’re like us, you definitely want to be healthy, strong and whatnot, but you also want to rock the hell out of some skinny jeans. And we’re not talking about merely fitting into smaller sized jeans, we’re talking about filling out every inch of smaller sized jeans with your smoking hot curves: booty high and firm, shapely legs and all that eye candy. And confidence. BOOM.

You can only get a body like that with resistance training in your fitness mix. If you’re eating clean and doing cardio (fat burning and high intensity intervals), you’re only two-thirds of the way there. Adding resistance training to your routine two to three days per week is a must because it may be the single most important aspect of your fitness program as you age, and it will benefit you in five key ways that cardio and diet alone will not:

Boosts Metabolism

Would you like your body to be a fat-burning rather than fat-storing machine? When done correctly, resistance training builds lean muscle mass which, in turn, elevates your resting metabolic rate. So, why should you care? Lean muscle burns more calories than fat, and your body will continue torching calories hours after your training session is over.

Decreases Time Spent in the Gym

Unless you have all the time in the world and enjoy spending hours plodding on the treadmill, it’s likely you’re seeking a more efficient and effective way to meet your fitness goals. Resistance training provides a way for you to make greater metabolic gains in a shorter amount of time. As a result, you’ll spend less time on the cardio equipment and more time enjoying your life outside the gym. We think that’s pretty killer.

Creates a Lean, Toned Body

It’s likely you’ve heard, or even fear, that resistance training will make you bulky. Truth be told, the only thing that will make you look bulky and lumpy is FAT. Lean muscle mass takes up less space in your body than fat, which means building lean muscle will result in your body looking sleek and toned rather than gelatinous and flabby. Say hello to resistance training and you’ll say goodbye to love handles, chicken wings, double chins and chub rub.

Stops Plateaus

If you’re like most people, you’ll quit your fitness program when you hit a plateau. That’s another reason why resistance training is key to giving you a killer body: By working intensely, placing new demands on your muscles, forcing them to adapt, and then fully recovering on a consistent basis, you will avoid plateaus and achieve your goal.

Increases Bone Density

We know, we know: Worrying about bone density at your age is kinda like worrying about lung cancer when you were 12 and sneaking your mom’s Virginia Slims—but it is of significant importance, especially for women. Resistance training builds bone density more effectively than any medication or supplement. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: High reps paired with low weights won’t build bone density. You have to lift heavy and do it correctly.

So, why didn’t you know all this stuff already?! Don’t get down on yourself. Your body is a complex, dynamic system and that’s why transforming it is such a battle. There’s a lot to learn—changing your body isn’t easy—so cut yourself some slack.

We can help by designing a resistance training program for you, familiarizing you with the weight room, providing guidance on form or anything else you might need. Set up your free consultation and we’ll help you implement, achieve and maintain the healthy lifestyle you want and get the body you deserve.

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